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Washes racks and carts up to 36"W x 72"D x 78"H. The walk-in design when utilizing the appropriate loading racks can also be used as a pot and pan washer. The standard model is built with one door. Optional second door can be supplied for pass-thru operation.

  • #16 gauge polished 304 stainless steel housing with #12 gauge 2B finish 304 stainless steel tank
  • 10 HP wash pump deliver 300 gal. of wash solution at 40 psig. This water, through nozles on both rotating side wash arms, is blasted onto the soiled rack and wares
  • All wash piping and nozzles are stiainless steel
  • All rinse piping and nozzles are brass
  • Brass steam injector, with temperature control valve for tank heat
  • 2-1/2" diameter gauges for easy readability
  • Stainless steel control panel enclosure
  • 16" diameter vent opening

    NOTE: The machine will be shipped knocked down (to be assembled at site by the customer)

Utility Requirements

  • Fresh (rinse) water: 20 gpm @ 22 psig and 180-185F at the
  • Steam tank heat: 350 lb./hr @ 12-15psig
  • Electrical
    - 208v-3ph-60hz, 8kw, 36 amp
    - 230v-3ph-60hz, 8kw, 32 amp
    - 460v-3ph-60hz, 8kw, 16 amp

Optional Equipment

  • Second door for pass-thru operation
  • Stainless steel temp-coils and steam trap for the tank heat
  • Powered vent fan
  • Rinse water temperature booster;
    steam heated or electric
    Steam booster requirements
    - Fresh (rinse) water: 20 gpm @20 psig
    - Steam flow rate for 120F water: 650 lb./hr
    @ 12-15 psig (Actual consumption: 100 lb./hr)
    - Steam flow rate for 140F water: 450 lb./hr
    @ 12-15 psig (Actual consumption: 70 lb./hr)
  • Racks:
    - Custom racks per customer's requirement