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Welcome to Centpar Industries

Centpar Industries established in 1995 and located at New Jersey is a Pioneer in Pot Washing Machines.We have lined up a series of machines to cater to every needs in Pot washing applications in Corporate and Industrial Sector.

In February of 1995 Central Parts & Supply Co. was incorporated. The immediate goal of this new company was to supply parts for Pot & Pan Washing Machines. With the future goal of making these machines, our engineer, with more than ten years of experience in the same field, started researching and designing these machines.

In 1997 we sold our first Washing Machine, a custom designed Conveyer Washer, under our own brand name “Centpar” and we named our new company “Centpar Industries” a division of Central Parts & Supply Co.

Since then we have developed several models of Pot Washers. Our PW-36 and PW-48 series of Pot Washing Machines meet USDA and NSF requirements. Most of these machines were sold for Cruise Ships

To expand our U.S. and Canadian market, we teamed up with Jet-Tech Systems of Montreal, Canada. They have their own line of Dishwashers and wanted to add Pot Washers to their line. We formed a company called “Jet-Tech Industrial Division, LLC.”